We already conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) checks – why do we need Semaphore Intel?

Semaphore Intel is not a replacement for KYC checks. Every company should be doing these, especially in a high-risk industry like aviation.

Semaphore Intel is designed to be a quick tool – especially in the early stages when you are first contacted (this is how some very large organisations with sophisticated compliance departs use it). It is not designed to tell you not to work with any contact – instead, to help you find warning flags that you should investigate when conducting KYC.

We are a small firm – do we really need it?

Bad actors do not only target large companies, and small companies have also been prosecuted for breaking sanctions. 

The most obvious risk for smaller companies is that your time is especially valuable. Most deals with people that are flagged by Semaphore Intel are unlikely to close. Using it early could save you from wasting hours of your time.


How do you collect your data?

Our sanctions data supplier sources the names directly from Government departments, and tracks changes daily. It also collects the Interpol data.

We have a team researching industry figures. They rely on public documents – including court records – as well. Members can also raise flags on people asking us to investigate them.

I think I am on the Semaphore Intel database – how can I see my record?

Please email [email protected]

Please also include why you think you are on it. We will reply within ten days. There is no charge for this. We may also ask you to confirm your identity.

I disagree with my inclusion, or there is a mistake with my record on Semaphore Intel database. How can I be removed?

Please email [email protected]

We will endeavour to correct any errors or omissions as soon as possible. We may need you to provide evidence to help confirm your identity.

Future plans

You do not have the sanctions list from the country where my business is based. Please can you add it?

Let us know which country you would like us to add, and we will try to include it. We are always looking at ways to improve our service.